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Take your paper health forms into the digital age

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Who Benefits From CareDox?
  • Parents
    Collaborate with school nurses. Find out about popular doctors and parent groups in your area.
  • Organizations
    Know how flu shots affect absenteeism over the course of a year. Easily manage health records.
  • Physicians
    Know where your peer group is as far as immunizations for their patients.

CareDox is turning information into meaningful insights that can be shared across multiple platforms.

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We create a safer environment by providing immediate access from anywhere to vital health information and provide an audit that will ensure all proper consents and documentation are in place. By having parents submit the information directly online, we eliminate data re-entry, while making data easily accessible, accurate, and secure.
Parents, have you been contacted by your school to fill out health information on CareDox? This is because your school has decided to increase the level of safety and security for your child's health information. Caredox abides by the most stringent privacy laws, and takes pride in the security of your child's sensitive health information.
Why Choose Caredox?
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We combine user data, internal data and market data to give you easy access to one comprehensive view of your families health records coupled with meaningful insights. The result: an increased level of safety and security for your child's health information, more accurate data for schools and organizations, and a decrease in the amount of manual data curation now and far into the future.