• Health Info Made Simple

    Easy to use system for parents and schools to manage and share medical information.

  • No More Paper Forms

    Store and access children's health records digitally, share with schools, camps, daycares, and doctors.

  • Healthy Insights

    Health recommendations that are relevant for your family. Reports to ensure child safety.

CareDox is a care coordination platform for parents and schools. We automate and streamline information collection and access to improve child safety.


For parents and Schools

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For Parents

  • A place to organize your family's health information. Easily access and share this information with whoever requires it.
  • Stop filling out and faxing paper forms for school, camp, and daycare enrollment. Fill it out once in CareDox and reuse it.
  • Your Health Stream keeps you updated, so you know when your child visits the nurse, or their medication is running low. Share your health information with only those you give access to.
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For Schools

  • Streamline student medical enrollment to quickly capture and be compliant with all student safety requirements.
  • Share student's health records with staff so nurses, teachers, cafeteria staff, admins, coaches, bus drivers, and principals all have the relevant health information they need.
  • Real time reports provide you key insights about allergies, medications, and special dietary needs. Bring up care plans and emergency contacts with mobile devices.


Family Account, Enrollment, Nurse Clinical, Ecosystem Integrations, Reporting

Cloud Hosted

Anywhere, anytime access, delivered through modern web browsers. There is no infrastructure to provision or software to install.


Robust security and access controls. Know who can see what, and see audits of all changes. Fully HIPAA & FERPA compliant with all information backed up.


Connecting the ecosystem with SIS, State Immunization Registry, and Provider EMRs means a smart and efficient experience. We automatically load key information like vaccinations and health profiles, removing the need to capture it from Parents and Doctors. Data is stored in HL7 standard formats to ensure portability with the ecosystem.

Mobile Optimized

Available on the go, so parents and staff can collaborate anywhere, anytime. Parents signup on their phone in their native language. Students check-in to Nurse on a tablet. Coaches have health records for the away game.

Nurse Medical Center

Professional clinical tools to help with enrollment, approvals, day to day visits, medications, screenings, and reports. Secure messaging with parents and collaborations with other nurses.

Reports and Recommendations

Insightful reports for grade, school, and district levels. Health recommendations that are relevant and useful.

CareDox is turning information into meaningful insights that can be shared across multiple platforms.

About us

We are on a mission to improve healthcare by leveraging the power of big data.


CareDox's founders believe in organized health information and patient engagement. CareDox is a direct descendant of a product called MotherKnows.com. This was created by parents, for parents, to revolutionize the way families manage their children’s health. We quickly discovered the main use for parents to access their children's medical records was to share them with schools, camp, and physicians.

The Problem

Frustrated at the lack of consistency and accessibility, CareDox came about to ease the pain of parents having to fill out information, year after year, and to help ease the frustration of the schools collecting, sorting, reporting, and managing these paper health forms.

The Solution

CareDox alleviates the hassle, for both individuals and organizations, by collecting all the existing medical data on a specific person, and getting it digitized and centralized. Having medical records easily accessible leads to greater knowledge and proactivity when making health decisions for yourself, your children, and those caring for them. Portability ensures your records stay with you forever.


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Technical Details

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We integrate with Student Information Systems, State Registries, and Provider EMRs

PowerSchool Integration Partner

Integration Partner

Integration Partner

We integrate with many other systems as well. CareDox acts a a conduit of medical information, ensuring secure, portable health information is part of our DNA.


Our Customers are awesome

For the first time, we have a tool that eliminates many of the tedious tasks of data entry, reduces errors, and enables us to educate parents in a scalable way- whether it’s about measles, food allergies, mental health issues, or other factors that affect our students’ well-being.

Christine Conte - District School Nurse
Vail Arizona School District
Vail, AZ

I have been using Caredox for about a year now, and it is amazing how much easier they have made gathering medical information from my student-athletes. The stacks of paperwork have been minimized and the amount of time spent on clearing students has decreased drastically. Their customer service has gone above and beyond expectations of being very helpful and been nothing short of professional with how they go about their business. I would absolutely recommend Caredox to any of my peers.

Rob DiGregorio - Athletic Trainer
Seton Hall Preparatory School
West Orange, NJ

Dr. Rachel N. Caskey, MD

Provider Customer

Dr. Caskey is currently practicing Internal Medicine and Pediatrics At The University Of Illinois Medical Center In Chicago. Dr. Caskey is an active member in the community and with Chicago Public schools, helping deliver healthcare to inner city students through Health4Chicago.

Dr. Caskey has used CareDox to record vaccination administrations at schools, she says “CareDox is easy to use and makes collecting health information from parents much more efficient and streamlined.”

Making Healthcare IT simple

Meet our team

We are passionate and experienced

Hesky Kutscher


Hesky is a serial entrepreneur who founded and sold both ShopLocal and HighGear Media. As a family man with three children and a passion to disrupt healthcare, Hesky founded CareDox for kids and schools everywhere. When he isn't networking with the healthcare and educational industry you'll find him watching soccer and talking to his mother.

Benjamin Maisano


Ben is an experienced technologist passionate about creating software solutions that improve healthcare. He previously served as VP of Engineering at Andera and oFlows, and held lead engineering positions with Bank of NY and UnitedHealthCare. Outside of work Ben enjoys building educational games for kids, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.

Dennis McNamara

Schools Relationship Manager

Dennis is a former educator from a suburb outside of Boston. An alumnus of Teach for America, Dennis spent two years teaching in the public schools of Memphis, TN where he worked to close the gaps in student achievement (and develop an appreciation for southern barbeque and Isaac Hayes). Outside of work, Dennis can be found cheering for his beloved Celtics or hunting for New York’s best slice of pizza.

Sung Yoon

The Rover

As our ultimate utility player, Sung joined CareDox as an Intern while getting his Bachelor of Science in Psychology, taking on any and all roles necessary. His strong work ethic and passion for improving health outcomes through technology comes out in everything he does. When he isn't helping out a school or doing some analytical research on the web he is practicing his jump shot, to someday join the NBA.

Lara Sterlacci

Schools Success Manager

Lara spent the past four years as a teacher and department lead. She began her career through Teach for America in Washington, DC, after which she moved to Brooklyn to join a new middle school. As head of the special education department Lara realized firsthand how vital a streamlined health system is for schools. She is a "foodie" to the core, an avid reader, and can be found trying out unique exercise classes in NYC.

Yasser Kavousi

Software Engineer

An instructor in software development as well as a great practitioner, Yasser knows how to build beautiful user interfaces. Yasser and Hesky worked together previously on MotherKnows.com. Yasser also honed his skills at the KGT Group and Sharif University before joining CareDox. He has a young daughter and is also passionate about children’s health.


Industry Thought Leaders

Dr. Joe Hairston


Dr. Hairston’s leadership achievements include raising students’ academic performance throughout his 12 year tenure as Superintendent in Baltimore County. Lead strategies including a “blueprint” for school system progress, effective use of technology, and partnerships with the College Board and AVID to promote college attendance. He is the president of the prestigious Horace Mann League of the USA. Dr. Hairston holds many awards such as the Outstanding Leadership Award from the International Society for Technology in Education.

Karthic Bala | President Data Services


Karthic is the President of Precision Health Data Institute, the division at EverydayHealth that focuses on using data and statistical modeling techniques to predict audience needs and to provide them with the most relevant products. With more than 22 years of experience in large data platforms in finance, healthcare and consumer media and marketing, Karthic is a highly-accomplished executive with deep relationships across the data and healthcare industry.

Saum Sutaria, M.D. | Director


Saum is a senior Director of McKinsey & Company. His area of expertise is the healthcare sector with a special emphasis in healthcare delivery and financing. He leads the Provider Practice in the Americas, which covers hospital systems, physician groups, ambulatory care models, integrated delivery, and government led delivery. He has served over 15 major health systems across over 75 markets as well as healthcare systems globally.

Jonathan Miller


Jon was formerly the Chief Digital Officer and Chairman and CEO, Digital Media Group for The News Corporation, driving the Company’s overall digital strategy. Previously, Jon was Chairman and CEO of AOL, where he led the company to a record annual profit growth. Earlier in his career, Jon was CEO and President of USA Information and Services, and also served as Managing Director of Nickelodeon International.

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