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The Most Advanced and Secure Web-based Electronic Health Record System Launches Effort to Go Above and Beyond in Both Compliance and Elective Measures To Safeguard Privacy

Student Privacy Pledge

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) AUGUST 23, 2016—CareDox, the nation’s premiere electronic medical record tool for schools in almost 2500 schools around the country today announced the adoption of the Student Privacy Pledge (SPP) offered by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) as a voluntary measure of public accountability and social responsibility for its handling of student electronic medical records. With more than 817 new school contracts to provide confidential and safe digital information management for school nurses, CareDox is engaged in continuous quality improvement and security with respect to privacy protection for students and families. These partnerships enable school health offices to streamline and bolster care for district students in school districts in more than 14 states.

“With obvious sensitivity surrounding student’s personal health data, CareDox sees its role as privacy safeguard as tantamount to providing its EMR service,” said Hesky Kutscher, Founder of CareDox. “We not only constantly work on building in more security to our platform, we see ourselves as privacy advocates for the schools that trust us with their students information.”

The Student Privacy Pledge is an elective measure that now includes more than 200 companies who work with student information. For CareDox, it is meant to be a public statement of their commitment to compliance at the state and federal level and with all of the schools with whom they contract. This means a commitment to not only treating identifiable student data as sacred and not sharing it with any third parties but also making it as easy as possible for parents and school personnel to access and use the data when necessary. The pledge also precludes any members from making any changes to their privacy policies without notifying and getting approval from the contracting school. To see the text of the pledge in its entirety click here.

The founding principle of CareDox is simple – CareDox eliminates the need for paper documentation and storage, improves patient confidentiality and safety, as well as provides parental, staff, and physician remote access for exchanging and sharing important health information. It also streamlines care processes, monitors and tracks individual and population health data, transfers immunization information between the school and state registry. Schools are not charged any fee to use the CareDox platform and training is provided to school nurses and health professionals to use CareDox.

About CareDox: CareDox is the leading digital health platform for the largest and most consistent health delivery system in the country: K12 public schools. It is currently connected to immunization registries in 14 states. CareDox’s free medical technology covers students in over 2,800 schools. Find us at http://www.caredox.com or email info(at)caredox.com to learn more.