Controlling your child’s asthma symptoms

Based on proven research and clinical practice from Children’s Hospital Colorado, our Asthma Program works to control students’ asthma symptoms through education, in-school visits, and continued monitoring.

A school-based approach to asthma care

CareDox has partnered with Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO) to expand their asthma program from school districts in Denver and Connecticut to students nationwide.

CHCO's Approach

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Access - School

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Patient Education

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CHCO's Results

Reduced hospitalizations

Reduced exacerbations

Reduces absenses

Serving all pediatric asthmatics

CareDox adapted CHCO’s program to its EHR platform and has enabled nationwide expansion through its existing network of school district partners.

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  • Clinical practice
  • Proven research
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  • Cutting edge technology
  • Nationwide reach
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Improved clinical outcomes for thousands of pediatric asthmatics nationwide


Once a district partners with us to bring our Asthma Program to their students, we enroll students into one of two programs based on the severity of their asthma; students will participate in either the Baseline or Expanded Care Programs.

Baseline Care


  • Student and parent engagement
  • Educational materials on asthma best practices


  • All students with identified asthma

Expanded Care


  • An asthma care management program:
    • Student and parent engagement
    • Educational materials on asthma best practices
    • Nurse visits, in-school and home
    • Ongoing monitoring


  • Students with moderate or severe uncontrolled asthma
  • Students who are insured by our payer partners

How does the Expanded Care program work?

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Preventive healthcare program

  • A minimum of 3x visits per year with students and/or parents
  • Communication and collaboration with primary care providers
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District asthma support 

  • Assist in program administration
  • Conduct and support visits
  • Additional screening and care for severe cases
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Technology and data 

  • Ability to track visits and outcomes
  • Clinical protocols built into platform
  • Simple interface for communicating with parents