What is Caredox?

Caredox is a healthcare technology company that builds tools for Schools, Parents, Doctors, and Health Plans to better care for schoolchildren across America. Our current products include an electronic health record system, school based flu shots and immunizations, school based adolescent well care visits, and care coordination with medicaid health plans and family doctors.

What is Caredox Healthloop?

Caredox Healthloop is a care coordination platform that gets School Nurses, Parents, family doctors, and medicaid health plans on the same page through up-to-date visibility into a child’s health, and better communication. 

Caredox Healthloop enables these key stakeholders in charge of kids’ health to provide better, more timely, and comprehensive care to kids on Medicaid. 

Caredox Healthloop is a pilot program initiated in select districts for the 2019-2020 school year.

Who is Caredox Healthloop for?

Parents of schoolchildren on Medicaid.

With Caredox Healthloop, Parents can:

1.) Save time on trying to coordinate care between school nurse'snurses’s office, Medicaid health plans, and doctors.

2.) Save time in trying to find better care and educational resources for your kids.

3.) Access better and more targeted care programs and education from their health plans.

4.) Feel more empowered and less stressed about your kid’s healthcare now with knowledge and resources. All of this leading to healthier, happier kids who are setup for success in school and in their lives.

Who is receiving my child’s health information?

Only your child’s Medicaid Health Plan, their school nurse, and you (the Parent/Guardian).  You can choose to share information including school nurse visit information with your family doctor as well.  Your child’s personal health information or contact details will NOT be shared with nor sold to any other third party.

How will the information get used by my Medicaid Health Plan?

1.) Build a more robust health profile for their pediatric members, 

2.) Use the profiles to estimate future risks of adverse health outcomes 

3.) Outreach to those kid’s guardians (with Caredox and Clay County School District) with tailored education and opportunities to reduce health risks, as well as opportunities to signup to care management programs specific to that child’s needs. These programs are free of cost (Medicaid only) and will be presented on a continuous basis throughout the schoolyear as new programs become available and needs per child are identified

Which information of mine / my child is being shared with my child’s Medicaid Health Plan?

Contact information, demographic information, health encounters including school based visits and screenings, all stored and transferred within the guidelines of FERPA and HIPAA, as well as adhering to the highest standards in data security. We are in the process of obtaining SOC2 and HITRUST certifications.

Is my student’s personal information being stored and transferred safely?

All personal information is stored and transferred within the guidelines of FERPA and HIPAA, as well as adhering to the highest standards in data security. We are in the process of obtaining SOC2 and HITRUST certifications.

Which health plans are participating?

Today we are working only with Medicaid Health Plans, specifically Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).  

We are working with the following MCOs in Clay County, FL: United Health Care (UHC).

What types of programs will be offered to me from my child’s Medicaid Health Plan?

Both care management + educational programs for preventative and chronic care, including but not limited to obesity/nutrition, asthma, diabetes, behavioral/mental health.

Can I opt out of Caredox Healthloop?

Yes. You can opt out of Caredox by sending an email to support@caredox.com. You should include your name and the phone number and email address tied to your child’s CareDox account.  Just be aware that upon processing your optout you are choosing not to use Caredox to view your child’s visits to the nurses office, and any other digital service offered by Caredox. Your child’s health record will still be maintained by the school district on the CareDox platform.

Can I lose health benefits by being part of this program?

No! The information shared with your Medicaid Health Plan is used only to provide more resources to your child.

I get insurance through my employer -- am I part of this program?

No. Right now the pilot program is only for parent’s/children enrolled in Medicaid. We hope at some point to include all children into the Healthloop program. Stay tuned!