Our Solution

In-School Health Services

Providing a seamless tech solution that enables in-school vaccinations (flu shots, Tdap), annual adolescent check-ups, and chronic disease management.

Digital Health Platform

Enabling HIPAA & FERPA-compliant digital health charting, chronic disease management, and seamless immunization compliance reporting for your district.

Trusted by more than 4,000 schools and growing!

Nikolai P. Vitti, Ed.D.

Nikolai P. Vitti, Ed.D.

Former Superintendent, Duval County, FL / Current Superintendent Detroit County, MI

"The recent vaccines program provided to Duval County Public Schools’(DCPS) students was very successful. Flu vaccines were administered at 22 elementary school
sites serving hundreds of students."

Kathy Stainbrook

Kathy Stainbrook

Computer Technician Student Information Manager, Centerville-Abington Community Schools, IN

"CareDox has reduced our paperwork and increased our efficiency tremendously! This system provides immediate and direct communication with our students families without taking time away from other kids in the clinic. We are no longer tracking immunizations in both our system and the state registry. It’s all done for us through CareDox. What a time saver!"

Christine Conte

Christine Conte

District School Nurse at Vail Arizona School District Vail, AZ

"For the first time, we have a tool that eliminates many of the tedious tasks of data entry, reduces errors, and enables us to educate parents in a scalable way- whether it’s about measles, food allergies, mental health issues, or other factors that affect our students’ well-being."

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