Ensuring your child receives
the care they

With CareDox Healthloop, parents, schools, Medicaid Health Plans, and providers join together to better coordinate care that addresses your child’s specific needs. 

CareDox Healthloop removes barriers between traditionally separate players in your child’s healthcare by leveraging your school health office and school nurse as a key stakeholder in your child’s care.

Working together to deliver better

health outcomes for your child

1. Parents

Parents opt in to the program when they complete their district’s health forms on CareDox.

2. CareDox

CareDox enables HIPAA-compliant health charting on our digital EHR platform.

3. School nurses

Your school nurse updates your child’s health information on CareDox through regular visits, screenings, and more.

4. Medicaid Health Plan

Your child’s health health plan will receive key information from your child’s nurse about their visits.

5. Providers

Once your child’s health plan receives information from CareDox, they can coordinate care with a provider (your family doctor, nurse, etc) who will address your child’s specific health needs.

Participating School Districts

Caredox Healthloop is a pilot program for the 2019-2020 school year in select districts.

We are proud to be working with the following districts in keeping their kids healthy: 

Clay County Logo

Clay County School District

CareDox Healthloop in action

CareDox Healthloop helps coordinate care among parents, schools, and Medicaid plans to ensure better health outcomes for your child.

1. Rosa, Juan\'s mother.

1. Rosa is Juan's mother. She always make sure Juan’s school nurse knows he has asthma, and they keep an extra inhaler for him in case he forgets.

2. David, Juan\'s school nurse.

2. Juan has visited the nurse office three times for asthma this week. It seems his symptoms are uncontrolled. His school nurse lets Rosa know and Caredox has sent an alert to his Medicaid health plan through CareDox Healthloop.

3. Rachel, works at Rosa and Juan’s Medicaid plan.

3. CareDox Healthloop sends an alert to Rosa and Juan's Medicaid plan about his asthma symptoms this week. A Medicaid representative then follows up directly with Rosa.

4. Rosa receives a communication from her Medicaid health plan

4. Rosa receives a communication from her Medicaid health plan with an invitation to enroll in an asthma care management program.

5. Rosa decides to enroll Juan

5. Rosa decides to enroll Juan, and her Medicaid plan helps her schedule appointments with an asthma specialist.



You can opt out of this program by sending an email to support@caredox.com.

You should include your name, phone number and email address tied to your child’s CareDox account.


Email us as support@caredox.com and we’d be happy to answer them!