Ensure the best care for your child

Through CareDox's Healthy Schools Program, parents can sign up their children for in-school flu shots, vaccines, and physicals at no cost to families.

With CareDox's HIPAA and FERPA compliant Digital Health Platform, parents can ensure that school nurses have their children's latest life-saving health information.

Sign your child up for in-school health services like flu shots and immunizations.

Complete your child's district health forms and receive notifications of health visits.

CareDox Healthy Schools Program

With the Healthy Schools Program, CareDox brings health services directly to your children during the school day at no cost to families or schools. We provide:

(flu-shots, Tdap)

Annual adolescent check-ups

Chronic disease management

How it works:

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Easy sign-ups

Parents register their children using our private and secure HIPAA and FERPA compliant online forms.

right care at right time icon

Right care at the right time

We bring highly qualified medical staff to your child's school, so they have access to safe, quality, and necessary care without leaving the school building.

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No cost!

Healthy Schools bills insurance companies directly. If you don’t have insurance, your child can still receive health services at no cost.

CareDox Digital Health Platform

CareDox’s Digital Health Platform allows parents to access and update their children's health information from anywhere at any time.

How it works:

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School enrollment

Complete your child's health registration forms online from any device with the click of a button. CareDox makes health registration seamless and paperless for parents and districts.

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Real-time notifications

Receive immediate alerts when your child visits the nurse or when their medication is running low and share health updates in real time with your school’s health programs.

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Secure access

Access your family's health information online at anytime - from visit histories and medication administrations to your child's downloadable emergency health card.

Keeping health data secure

Our platform adheres to the strictest HIPAA and FERPA privacy compliance regulations to protect the health data of our students and schools. CareDox never shares student health information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareDox?

CareDox is a comprehensive digital health platform for K-12 schools. We help school nurses deliver care, keep students safe and connect with parents. By increasing efficiency in school health offices, students can return to the classroom as quickly as possible and maximize their learning time.

How does CareDox affect me?

As an official partner of your child’s school district, CareDox takes the registration forms that your district uses and digitizes them so you can fill them out online. You will not be asked to provide any information that your school has not asked for before. 

CareDox also connects parents to school nurses so you know what’s happening with your child’s health at school. 

This helps parents in multiple ways:

  • Skip filling out each form every year. Once information is on CareDox, you simply update the parts that change from year-to-year.
  • Receive instant notifications from the school nurse so you know what happens with your child’s health at school, when it happens.
  • Securely share your child’s health information with schools, sports teams, camps and daycare programs - and add or remove access to these records anytime.
  • Access your family’s health information online from anywhere, anytime.
Who has access to this information?

CareDox is a digital version of the school’s previous health information system. Access to various pieces of information will be restricted to the same people who previously had access. If your district’s teachers had access to allergy information and emergency contacts, they are granted that same permission through CareDox. Permissions are granted on a role-by-role basis. School nurses have access to all health information on file, while administrators, teachers and coaches are granted information based on what they need to know as determined by your school district. You can contact us at activation@caredox.com to remove access to records from anyone, at any time. If your child leaves the school district, you can request to deactivate your CareDox account at that time.

Is CareDox HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. Our systems are both HIPAA and FERPA compliant. You can read the full details of our privacy policies online. 

At a glance, HIPAA rules give individuals the rights to access their health information, make sure that it is correct, and know who else has seen it. You can read more about HIPAA and electronic medical records on the US Department of Health and Human Services website here

FERPA grants parents the right to access their child’s educational records (including all information on CareDox), to request amendments to the records, and to have some controls relative to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the educational records.

Do you share health record data?

No. We never share identifiable information about any districts, schools, nurses, faculty, students, parents or administrators on the CareDox platform without their explicit permission.

Is CareDox mandatory?

Using CareDox is "mandatory" in the sense that K-12 schools require parents to fill out health forms before their children can attend classes. You can opt-out, but it would make your enrollment process more difficult and would also create problems for the school, making it more difficult for school nurses to do their job. Nurses would struggle to find your information for state-mandated reports and have a harder time providing care in case of a medical emergency if your contact info is lost, or if allergy information is lost.

Why do you need my child's pediatrician information?

Having primary provider information on file helps nurses continue the care that a doctor recommends, and gives them access to the correct expert on your child’s particular health needs. This coordination allows children to stay healthy and get better faster.

Does CareDox provide health insurance?

No. CareDox is not a health insurance provider. There’s no change in the way your school connects with other healthcare organizations just because they’re using CareDox. Schools use our technology to digitize the health information they usually ask for - such as emergency forms, allergy information and vaccination details. Some school districts may ask for health insurance information during the registration process, but it varies depending on the state where your school is located.

Is student digital information safe?

Our mission at CareDox is to provide safe, secure and life-saving health technology to public schools across the country. By replacing traditional paper records with encrypted, cloud-hosted technology our platform helps prevent the theft, misuse and loss of records. 

Digital health information is accessible to just those granted with specific permission. Each record access is tracked and logged in real time. Parents are notified immediately of changes, medication refill needs and incidents of their children visiting the nurse. In the event of a fire, flood or other disaster, school health records are securely stored online and protected from damage. Digital health technology from CareDox helps your school keep student health information safe and private.

How do I add a child?

If for some reason you are missing a child on your family dashboard, contact support@caredox.com. Provide your child’s full legal name, school name, district name, and date of birth. We will confirm your guardianship and then add the child to your account.

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